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Victory Road East Coast

Welcome to the Victory road Community info page!

Mission Statement

Victory Road was created to bring Pokemon go players across the east coast together in order to gain sponsorships and community engagement to enriched and further make safe the geo located game of Pokemon GO and Ingress Alike! Utilizing efforts with the community leaders selected from each city we hope to later expand across the united states. We as a community look to benefit from long lasting relationships with local businesses and bi monthly community events with free Pokemon swag and discounts from local vendors. New York City where we had our first official community meet up was just the first testing ground of how this format could and should work. The event was received in high regards from the community and vendors in nyc and as a result brought more members into the community! Community members saw amazing discounts on items vital to gameplay and enriched not only the gameplay of Pokemon go and ingress but the excitement from meeting new friends!

Community event Highlights

Among the list of sponsored events that happen in the community one of the most beloved event that will be hosted by Victory Road are "Nest Parties" Locations of Nest will be reported and we will set up weekly meet ups for "Nest Camping" Gentle apps that help in the capturing of rare Pokemon are not frowned upon however spoofing of your account will result in quick removal of your account in victory road we don't support cheaters in the community nor do we help anyone cheat. And this brings us to Community rules!

Community Rules

Rules for the community across Facebook | Forums or any of our social tools. Victory Road will not support anyone cheating in the community or supporting cheating. This means no posting of Geo location Tools that spoof your location or any illegal software that may harm other community members. Doing so will result in the quick removal of your account across victory road Community. We take this very seriously in victory road you are not eligible for reentry into the community after this violation


Gen Two is here!

Wednesday March 1, 2017

Generation two is now out and we are all running around yet again catching all the new and exciting pokemon that have hit the stage

Canceled Meet

Saturday Aug 20, 2016

Today i decided to cancel the meetup. This morning with reports of hot rain that would just be annoying everyone out playing pokemon go it seemed to be the right choice. Coupled with the low turnout rate for the event it seemed to be the right choice. I will be polling the community to find a better day to have such an event its unfortunate that today could not be that day however i feel like when the event does happen we it will be amazing! if you have any questions feel free to post in our forums! that being said continue to make this community one of the best out there!!

Moving and Shaking things up!

Wednesday Aug 17, 2016

Today we are moving some elements around to make room for some floating ideas I've had for the community page! one of which is the community champion and community member of the week! These concepts will be put in beta status on the forums and on the site in future weeks! Today the community workbook was moved into its own page to support a nice clean page flow! this is to help new members find their way around a little easier.The Pokemon smilies project is underway, as of today you can start finding Pokemon smilies popping up under the smiley button in the Pokemon tab. All 151 Pokemon will be added this week and generation 2 will be added shortly after but will not be made live till after it goes live in Pokemon go! Also under your profile in the forums there are options to add your gaming id's this is not only to activate services already meshed with the forums like the steam integration but also make it just that much easier for your friends to join you on whatever platform you play on! As always any suggestions please post them in the forums it is greatly appreciated!

Popular Pokemon Hunting Grounds!

Saturday Aug 13, 2016

Time and time again the community is posting such amazing Pokemon finds! In one of the most recent changes niantic has made 60th and 5ave NYC seems to be a hot spot for everything from Laparas to Dragonight! The New York Chapter of Victory Road will be holding a greet and meet this up and coming Saturday 20th of august at 60th and 5th ave to help get to know the community here in the big apple! Friends and family welcome we will just be hanging out getting to know the admins of each team and taking advantage of what seems to be the most broken spawn system ever to be had in Pokemon go! Please RSVP on the Facebook page Victory Road Facebook for an accurate count of who will be attending the meet up! Thank you all to the volunteers and supporters in and out of NYC!

Community Page Launch!

Friday Aug 12, 2016

Today marks the first day that blogs will start showing up on the page! Detailing highlights from the community that include community pictures and other important info! For instance did you know we have a community meet up that will go live on the 20th? Location: 60th and 5th ave at the statue in New York! I hope to expand our intel to other cities that are establishing meet ups and events!