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Order Of Gatis

By Modtv1337

Introduction to Viva la Gatis!

Order of Gatis is a PVP Hardcore oriented Version in the Modnation Community.18+ ONLY. We are a structured guild made up of determined members who will persevere and accomplish any goals the guild sets forth. We feel extremely loyal to our faction. As protectors of our realm, we are open to guild alliances with other guilds who share the same loyal-to-faction mentality as we do. When the Reds come, we will be there to stand and defend our faction. We will not tolerate zerg/pking guilds. We have made an honorable name for ourselves No matter what World we set forth in. We fully intend to uphold our reputation into no matter where we end up.

Every member is an integral and influential part of this guild. Guild Meetings are every Friday 9:00pm EST. This will be the platform for all members to discuss the week's happenings and/or issues, as well as provide feedback to the GM, Commanders, and Officers. This open-forum will allow everyone to express any opinions, objections, and/or ideas to the guild leadership.

Community Information: *GUILD REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED* Order of Gatis Registration Discord Info: https://discord.gg/CjkTCR5 (TeamSpeak server is a paid hosted server that rely on donations from awesome community members Donator perks are listed in the forums) Site Info:Community Home Page Forums:Community Forum

Introduction to Rules & Standards

Standards our community lives by are simple. We protect our faction to the best of our abilities! We do not seek fame and glory however we take pride in knowing those who are unguilded and are in small communities can remain in those communities and still have access to end game contact. We seek to destroy the zerg mentality rampant in ArcheAge. We treat everyone the same in and out of the community with exceptions for ctrl+f/pirates/ and other shady communities seeking to boost numbers anyway they can.Qualities we look for are individuals who work for the betterment of the community, Those who are vocal and stand out. Those we remove are those worried about the short gain. This is a community for the selfless! Viva la Gatis!

General Rules

Be polite to other members. If you are bothering someone with comments and they ask you to stop, please respect their wishes. This goes for things like flirting with a member, or talking about a touchy subject.
No derogative terms or hate speech. This includes discrimination based on: race, ethnicity, culture, nation/language, religion, sex/gender (LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans), sexual orientation, age and disability. In accordance with the above, please avoid "prone to argument" topics. Such as politics, religion, LGBT, etc...
Avoid saying things related to this, words like "jesus christ", "rngjesus", "fag", or "queers".
Name calling and provocation of other members will not be tolerated. Try to keep all content constructive, and be courteous. Respect other user's opinions.
Do not discuss or promote the use of hacks, cheats or exploits. We don't want people banned.
Do not steal from other members.
Do not PK other members.
Do not otherwise try to get "revenge" on other members.†

Teamspeak 3 Specific Rules

Avoid making obnoxious noises, no one wants to hear you eating you mother's delicious casserole.
Do not scream in the mic, we can hear you just fine. If you are too quiet, we will turn you up on our end.
Please mute your mic if you start talking to someone on the phone or in your room. It is nice to know you still take the trash out for your mom, but we really don't need to know.
Please don't blare music in your mic, not everyone has the same tastes as you, and some of us find it distracting.
Do not constantly complain about something in-game. If it is frustrating you, odds are it does us too, and hearing you upset about it just makes it even worse for us.

Forum Specific Rules

Do not derail or hijack threads. This means do not post your own ideas in someone else's thread, or post off-topic content in someone else's thread. Start your own thread if you have an idea.
Try and use the search functions on the forums to avoid duplicate posting. Spam and advertisement threads. These will not be tolerated on the forums, and will be removed promptly.
Do not post on these threads, please report and ignore them.
Images and videos. You are allowed to post images and videos. Media containing extreme violence, gore or pornographic material is strictly forbidden. Please don't spam post, or post farm.

†Resolving Problems

Do not bash another member actively. If you have a problem with another member, contact an officer. If you have a problem with an officer, then contact the GM.
Do not go straight to the GM with problems, we have officers to help for a reason. Bypassing the chain of command only irritates the officers and GMs. This is only excusable is special situations, like listed above.
If you tried asking a member about resolving a problem, and they refuse or do not change. Do not repeatedly confront them as this will only worsen it, please contact a higher-up for help.