Order of Gatis

Pvp | Pve

Order of Gatis (Order Of Cats) is a PvX Guild Focusing on Synergy within the guild. Our ideals are working hard and spreading out individual goals in order to better the whole of the community. Each and every sub division of the guild helps to make the whole Guild Strong! From armor smiths to farmers whatever you love doing in the game makes you more then important to Order of Gatis.

The Guild relies on a military type structure but with a twist. No matter how new you are to the guild you will alway have a weigh in on the goals and decisions of the guild. Each and everyone of the members of our guild has a say and we encourage you to voice your opinions on our forums.


Grunder Industries

Salvaging and Exploration Corporation

Founded in 2007 GrĂ¼nder Industries started as a local waste management company focusing on cleaning up the streets of a local town "Norfolk Va," Through military contracts acquired over the years GrĂ¼nder has grown to be one of the premiere companies for resources trade and discoveries.



Building Blocks Since 2009

ModCraft is an ever evolving server expanding over 5 years. Survival | Prison Escape| RPG with pvp and pve aspects.


Victory Road

Pokemon Go Community

Victory Road was created to bring Pokemon go players across the east coast together in order to gain sponsorships and community engagement to enriched and further make safe the geo located game of Pokemon Go and Ingress Alike!

Community oriented visit the main page for info on how to join or contribute to community events!


Community Hub & Info

Gamer's Community made for gamers by gamers!

Community Perks and Donation System

Modtv1337 forums offer a ton of featuers from Steam intergration to twitch live streamming strait from the forums Social levels via posting are rewarded with badges earned for both "TeamSpeak server" & forums! Donators get special perks listed below.


Modtv1337.com Uses Discord which is a free chat and voice service kept current by Donators! inside are channels for every game relevant to the community as well as special channels for donators This system allows for non-donating member to be able to enjoy the community and not be left out in the cold! We here at modtv1337.com welcome everyone to join the conversation! Server invite info: Discord Invite Link

New Features and Pluggins

I (Monk3y) am always striving to make the forums/ servers / sites better for everyone everyday ive been growing and building the sites for almost a decade! Your donations go a long way in the development of the community and it shows! i would like to say here that i apreciate each and everyone of the donors your name will be listed in a hall of fame page listed here

Innovations in Communication

From email to teamspeak Modnation is that knows how to stick together. This community is design to fit your adult working life will still maintaining resources for when you want to jump back into the mmo world

Community Perks

Joining the community gives you perks over time as well as donating to the community from Profile bling to other achievement the more you contribute to the community the more you get back in return. community is geared towards enriching everyone's play experience! Chat with friends and plan game nights to work around your day.

Information Security

Your information is private and yours alone.That's why we will never share| sell or leak anyones information in the community please do not share passwords to games like "Pokemon Go" or any other game especially your Steam Account!Doing so will risk losing your account! Anyone asking for information from other members will be swiftly removed from the community to protect the integrity and safety of our members