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Rules | Tasks | Expectations *2020 Staff revamp Overview


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Apr 20, 2019
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Jersey City, NJ
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Hey, this post is ment to get some solid ground understanding of what is needed as a staff member while fixing some long standing issues with communication / Naming Structure/ direction that has been plaguing the community. This is entirely my fault and i hope to push the ball forward so that we create an inclusive and transparent community. This post will remain open to the overall community so that everyone knows what is expected of them if they choose to go down the path of being staff in the community. This will also be a forum for those who want to talk about the structure and further improve as we move forward and with all that said let's get right into it.

The current issues we are facing in the community.

Over the years there have been roles added that met a need at a certain time but as the years grew on there seemed to be a collection of rules that now overpowers our discord community also making it hard to transfer roles and rewards to the forums. while trying to bring this number down i realize that the same issue exists within the staff and moderator section of my community. Too many indians and not enough chiefs!

This has prompted a tear down of the entire discord by me and a look back at what really is important in the community.
there are no set rules for roles in the community and currently no way to track progression.

So what is the goal? there are a few factors that should be tracked and celebrated in the community that will foster friendship and long standing development. Here is a list of long term goals we should always strive towards.

- Birthday Recognition ( from forum registrations can easily track birthdays)
- Long Term Membership ( Legacy Members) How many years dictate legacy? 2-4-6yrs?
- Community Supporters (Donations that will going forward be split with Staff to help maintain talent on our team and foster growth)
- Nova members ( those who donated over 1k) should be recognized for their sheer gratitude and are responsible for Game Key giveaways etc.
- Twitch Streamers Collaboration ( i add this in here because as i grow it becomes more and more valuable to me and the community to interact and do amazing collabs with other streamers) This creates valuable content and opportunities for small streamers and members that wouldn't be there otherwise. through networking / giveaways etc


With all this said what does it mean to be staff? What are the core roles and how do you join staff? Currently there isn't much need for staff however, this doesn't mean that staff isn't needed. Staff members are those willing to join to help reach community goals / Moderate and innovate the community. Staff members tend to be those that have been around a long time and understand what is needed to keep the lights on and also make being here as enjoyable as possible. lets tear down staff on the site and discord and what it means.

Staff not to be confused with ( Twitch Moderators) are members of the community that are working towards a similar goal while taking on different responsibilities staff role is not easily obtained and there are different tiers to being a staff which starts off voluntary and eventually lead towards senior roles that garner monetary gains. Why bring money into the equation? Just like anything your time is valuable especially if you dedicate it towards moving the ball forward in this community. Actually, its funny its one of the reasons why i wanted to try and sell goods on the site to help support staff that help keep this place going.

Senior Staff
So we want staff that will eventually get paid. What are the core roles and responsibilities of a job like this and what kinda money are we talking about here?

Funds will be split evenly each (Twitch Payout Cycle) Across the Senior Staff and me. My hopes is that as i grow so does the amount paid out to staff which will always be this formula - Total amount paid out % (Total number of staff+me)= payout amount
When will this payout begin? As Soon as the Amount paid out from twitch is double the minimum required by twitch. For instance the minimum required by twitch to pay out before they send a check in the mail is currently as of writing this $100. So, that it is consistent i am waiting till the amount is beyond $200 before going forward with payouts. Shirt Sales, Patreon, Donations will all be contributed to this. For instance whenever the Paypal reaches over $200 payment will be divided out.

I hope just like other content creators this fosters pride in being a staff member along with drive to become a senior staff member. We are still developing the requirements needed to be approved as a staff or Senior Staff member however more details will be listed in the actual application that will go live soon. now that we have the money explained and why its there. lets go into core roles.

Staff have alot of Rights under a lot of platforms Currently under the " Modtv1337" umbrella are Forums (xenforo), Discord(modtv1337),Two Facebook Accounts (wizards Unite, Pokemon go) And a Reddit page. Staff has access if asked to get moderation rights to all these platforms.
Over the years it has been difficult to keep things going on my own so i need to lean on staff for Content posts, Forum moderation if needed (making sure threads stay on topic, advertisement and transferring archived content from discord to the forums so that its easier for members to dive into topics. these can be divided into specific jobs and drilled in on specific tasks from there.

Reddit Staff- Post twitch clips on popular reddit pages or fail clips, Cover important topics related to our community on the community reddit page, Advertisement of community also critical topics related to the modmonk3y twitch page. Promote Discord, Post giveaways, Promote Twitch and youtube.

Facebook Staff- Post Content relative to the facebook page topic, Promote Discord,Moderate posts made to insure everything stays on topic. Assists in Community Giveaways. Promote Twitch and Youtube.

Forum Staff- Active on the forums, Pull Twitch clips, latest youtube videos and important topics off discord and post them in the appropriate threads on the forums ( most of this is automated or can be automated), Moderate forums topics to ensure its on topic. post active giveaways.

The common theme behind these roles is promotion of our community and also making it easier for the community to engage in conversation around topics as much as i love discord i also see the value in the forums in order to give out badges and celebrate community members that continue to push out goals forward! Staff is an important role one i don't take lightly and as such should be reflected across the board as such because it's the hard work of staff that help keep this community moving as well!

Twitch Moderators

I write this while being fully aware that there is a side of twitch i will never see because i happen to be a male. While i do see harassment from time to time and memeing it is not at the level to which my fellow female streamers see. That being said i strive to keep my content wholesome while combating toxicity on the platform i love so much and i cant do that alone. Moderators are the life blood of any streamer without moderators helping to engage the community the streamer can not focus and try to bring amazing content to the stream! Moderators are all voluntary and Senior moderators will take up the Senior Staff title (paid status) to keep things simplistic. here are some of the roles Moderators have on the channel.

- Welcoming and engaging with new viewers! it is a tremendous thing for a new viewer to talk in the chat i for one tend to lurk in a lot of chats for years now without saying a single word i enjoy the content but i'm usually coding or doing other things while i talk or im watching from my tv or other device that isn't easy for me to chat so i don't. That's why when a member chats it is very important to welcome them to the community!

- Advertisements this can range across a lot of things like the command for my !youtube !twitter ! discord or patreon twitch sub promotion or letting people know that subbing with prime is free! periodically keeping the community informed on the overall community links goes a long way towards growing all the facets of the community like discord ect. Fun fact there have been over 30k viewers so far and only 200 are on discord! members who join the community tend to stay around and engage more leading to a much healthier overall community. So, advertisements are very important and knowing your commands are just as important ( i will do a better job at documenting and maintaining working commands that make moderation fun!)

- Moderation includes banning those who violate our community guidelines (while i dont like banning people i do understand that sometimes its needed) dishing out warnings and also help remove messages and politely warning those self promoting. No Self Promoting , No linking outside links, No racism ect ect i will also bring my discord and twitch aligned with rules so they are easy to maintain.

- Callouts Please utilize the commands given to call out streamers who are in the creators guild
Other call outs include Raiders, Donators (via chat spamming the Keyspam emoji) , Tippers ect this helps engagement and also solidifies you in the community as a source for info Hype squad needed!!!

- The show is not over! As you may or may not know the show does not end when the stream goes down! Helping to engage in aftershow tweets and Generating tweetable moments from the stream goes a long way towards helping the stream grow. Looking at stats there are a lot of follows outside of a live stream after they engage with previous clips! Please make sure when you are making clips that you make sure to captures a whole event and is relevant to the branding. I have also removed some clips that were made by trolls trying to paint a narrative and calling those out would always be nice however i do go through them from time to time.

- to be continued -Warnding- This post has been moved to reddit O/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Modtv1337/comments/hemgeh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
if i missed anything please let me know however this is what i could think of in the moment! Looking at all this spread out on a table it is easy to see how important Staff and Moderators are to me and the roles they do are really important. It is extremely important as well to understand your role and what you bring to the table also what it is that is needed i hope to expand the staff roles to include Coders and Artists as they come onboard keep and eye on this original thread as i expand on it in the coming weeks to include artist agreements and Code projects needed. Thank you all for reading this your amazing and i hope this somewhat explains what i'm trying to build here. If you have been removed from staff recently it just due to not there for a meeting which outlined a lot of this and if they still wanted to keep the title. At a later date you can apply again ( sorry for doing this yet again) as there is not accountability to each role as we push this engine back online! Thank you all for your continued support love you all hope to see those applications soon once they go live O/
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